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How to use the Mojave Line out feature.

Each Mojave amp built incorporates a “Line Level Output” on the back of the amp. Unlike traditional line outs which are derived from the preamp, the Mojave line out is derived from the final output stage, the speaker jack. How does this differ you may ask? In one word, greatly.

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Rig Rundown – Thin Lizzy’s Vivian Campbell & Scott Gorham (Mojave Scorpion 50 watt)

Not too long ago, Premier Guitar caught up with Thin Lizzy during the Chicago stop on their North American tour. Premier Guitar’s Chris Kies chatted with Thin Lizzy guitar tech Coty Allinson about the setup for guitar greats Scott Gorham and Vivian Campbell. Vivian Campbell plays a Mojave Scorpion 50 watt. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/News/thin-lizzy-0802-2011/

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Why You Need an Intersample Meter When Mastering by: Victor Mason

Your mix is done but a “digital bug” lays dormant waiting to be unleashed on the listener. Unless you have taken the steps needed to check for them, odds are against you that you have them and probably don’t even know it. You’re not alone, the vast majority of commercial mixes are laden with them. What is this Bug? It’s … Continue reading

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Review: Amplitube 3 by IK Multimedia: Get Great Bass Guitar in Your DAW by: Victor Mason

Trying to get that “Most High” Bass Guitar tone hasn’t always been the easiest feat for me over the years, especially since I use a Midi keyboard for my Bass Guitar sounds. Luckily I’ve been graced with IK’s Ampeg line of bass modules, you will be floored at how very good these sound. The New Custom Shop AmpliTube 3 is some … Continue reading

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