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How to use the Mojave Line out feature.

Each Mojave amp built incorporates a “Line Level Output” on the back of the amp. Unlike traditional line outs which are derived from the preamp, the Mojave line out is derived from the final output stage, the speaker jack. How does this differ you may ask? In one word, greatly.

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Coyote HG Rock Tone using Gibson Les Paul

New Coyote HG amp demo using a stock Gibson Les Paul Standard directly into the amps high sensitivity jack. Cabinet is a Mojave 4X12 loaded with Celestion G1230H. http://mojaveampworks.com/audio/cyhgrock.mp3 Gibson Les Paul Standard & Coyote HG with 4X12 mojaveampworks.com

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Read a customer Letter to Mojave

Sometimes a customer or in this case, a musician who bought a Mojave Coyote second hand finds the benefits of the Coyote.

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