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Coyote HG Rock Tone using Gibson Les Paul

New Coyote HG amp demo using a stock Gibson Les Paul Standard directly into the amps high sensitivity jack. Cabinet is a Mojave 4X12 loaded with Celestion G1230H. http://mojaveampworks.com/audio/cyhgrock.mp3 Gibson Les Paul Standard & Coyote HG with 4X12 mojaveampworks.com

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Vivian Campbell speaks out about Mojave

In September 2011, Premier Guitar did an interview with Def Leppard where both Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell were asked a lot of question about the work they were doing and the gear they were using, Although Vivian does not use Mojave amps in Def Leppard, he was eager to detail his Mojave rig and his first choice and true  … Continue reading

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