4x12 Cabinet

4x12 Cabinet4x12 Cabinet

Quality Construction

Like all of our cabinets, the Mojave AmpWorks 4×12 is built from an 11-ply birch. Our 4×12 cabinet is unique because we build this cabinet around the speaker baffle. The baffle itself is fixed and non removable, making for a sturdier cabinet structure. The grill front is still easily removable with four simple screws. The cabinet is equipped with two inset metal handles, instead of plastic, for improved strength. All four casters are removable to allow for easy stacking. The front grill is made of a durable paper based fiber. The solid metal Mojave nameplate is acid etched with raised lettering. Top quality at every turn assures the user a great asset value and excellent sound quality.


The standard 4×12 cabinet comes equipped with (4) Celestion G12H 30W Ceramics for a total power-handling capacity of 120 watts. We chose the G12H 30 for several reasons. The G12H 30 is a true representation of an old G12H 30 from the late ’60s, and features the correct frequency range to bring out the best in a Mojave amplifier. The G12H 30 also offers excellent low-end response.


4x12 Cab 4x12 Cab 4x12 Cab

For the Dirty Boy

We have developed a variant of our 4×12 that we recommend specifically for use with our Dirty Boy amplifier. This custom designed 4×12 cabinet features X pattern construction and is loaded with two Celestion G1230H speakers and Two WGS Reaper 55Hz speakers. The result is solid low end response, extra lift in the midrange and a tapered high end to avoid the ice pick effect that can occur with a mismatched amp and speaker cabinet.


L = 29.75” x W = 14” x H = 32”
Weight = 87.5 lbs


4×12 Cabinet with (4) G12H 30W Ceramic Speakers… $985 
4×12 Cabinet with (4) WGS Reaper 55Hz Speakers… $1099 
X pattern 4×12 Custom Cabinet with (2) G1230H and (2) WGS Reaper 55Hz Speakers… $1099 


We sell directly to the public and we believe in speaking to our customers to help you make the best choices for your purchase. Give us a call at (760) 515-2578, email Victor, or fill out the quick form below to spec out a cabinet. Yes, we ship worldwide.

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