2x12 Cabinet

2x12 Cabinet2x12 Cabinet

Quality Construction

A compact open back cabinet that has a big cabinet sound. Designed with convenience in mind the Mojave AmpWorks 2×12 extension cab delivers an incredibly well balanced bass response. There’s an air relief built into the back of the cab to eliminate low-end boom. Small cabinets have low “Q” points causing excessive bass on certain low frequency tones. By providing the air relief this open back cabinet sounds much more balanced and closer to its 4×12 counter part. 11-ply Birch adds an enormous amount of strength and quality to the cabinet. An inset metal handle is used on the top of the cabinet rather then a protruding handle preventing “teetering” when an amp is placed on top of the cabinet.


The 2×12 extension cabinet comes stock with (2) Celestion G12H 30 speakers. The 2×12 is also available in mixed arrangements which include one G12H 30 and either one G12 Alnico Blue or one WGS Reaper 30 55Hz. The Celestion Alnico Blue has wonderful midrange and brightness quality and is also extremely efficient producing excellent volume attributes. When coupled with a G12H 30 the sonic benefits allow for much diversity. The front grill is made of a durable paper based fiber. A solid metal nameplate is used on every Mojave AmpWorks amplifier and cabinet. The nameplate is acid etched with raised lettering. Top quality at every turn assures the user a great asset value and excellent sound quality.


2x12 Cab 2x12 Cab 2x12 Cab 2x12 Cab


L = 29” x W = 11.5” x H = 18.5”
Weight = 48 lbs


2×12 Open Back Cabinet with (2) G12H 30W Ceramic Speakers… $679 
2×12 Open Back Cabinet with (1) G12H 30W Ceramic and (1) G12 15W Blue AlNiCo Speaker… $819 
2×12 Open Back Cabinet with (1) G12H 30W Ceramic and (1) WGS Reaper 30 55Hz Speaker… $799
2×12 Open Back Cabinet with (2) G12 15W Blue AlNiCo Speakers… $949 


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