Quality Construction

Our 1X12 Mojave cabinet is designed to fit perfectly with our small head cabinets and is built rugged with an elegant detail. The partial open back allows for a balanced sound rather then a closed back boomy effect. The cabinet is perfect for small gigs, Monitoring sound or using it for home and recording.

All Mojave speaker cabinets are built using fast disconnects to allow users to change speakers is they wish and makes it easy for users to change or reconfigure speaker cabinets. We solder all fast disconnects to make a solid connection rather then crimp them.

Solid rubber feet give good clearance for amps with protruding handles. The Mojave cab has an inset handle allowing for easy handling and flush top area allowing amplifiers to sit atop without any obstruction.



weight 38 lbs (G1230H)
Dimensions 20.5 Inches Wide X 18.5 Inches Tall X 11.5 Inches deep.


1×12 Cabinet with G1230H $479 
1×12 Cabinet with WGS Reaper 30 55Hz $479 
1×12 Cabinet with Celestion Alncio Blue G12 $719 
1×12 Cabinet with WGS Alnico Blue (25 watt) $679 


We sell directly to the public and we believe in speaking to our customers to help you make the best choices for your purchase. Give us a call at (760) 515-2578, email Victor. Yes, we ship worldwide.

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