Extension Cabinets

Get the most out of your Mojave amplifier by pairing it with one of our extension cabinets. Mojave cabinets features the same superior quality and unique approach to design as our amplifiers. The 4×12 Cabinet features carefully chosen materials, while the 2×12 Cabinet is conveniently sized but still sounds great thanks to our air relief design. The 1×12 Cabinet is our most compact design with great tone and a big sound. Check the individual cabinet pages for speaker options and technical details.

4x12 Cabinet

Starting at $985

For those seeking utmost performance, Mojave Ampworks has painstakingly sorted though large numbers of drivers in the marketplace to create the perfect companion to amps such as the Dirty Boy and Scorpion. The 11-ply birch cabinet is built with a fixed baffle for increased sturdiness and roadworthiness.
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2x12 Cabinet

Starting at $679

Ever carried gear up or down stairs? You'll breathe a sigh of relief handling Mojave's compact 2X12 cabinet. The recessed handle at the center of balance and ergonomic design are easy on your back, arms and wrists. Lighter then most, our compact cab uses air relief from a slightly opened back to sound as big as a 4x12.
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1x12 Cabinet

Starting at $479

Our compact model. All the great tone of our bigger models in a light weight cabinet. Great for gigs and coach playing.
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HD Speaker Cable

Starting at $59

Heavy Duty 12 Gauge speaker cables deliver better tone, Better bass and allow your amp to really breath with the speaker. Oxygen free Copper cable means the conductor will not corrode.
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