Recording Facility


The Mojave sound demos featured on this web site are an important part of our ability to present to anyone who would be interested in knowing what a Mojave amp and cabinet sounds like. To do this, Mojave Ampworks has invested in top of the line recording equipment and software that makes it possible to bring you the most accurate sound and honest representation of each amp and its capabilities. From the array of microphones to our Mac Pro Dual Quad Core we use only the best product we can get. We feel it is vitally important to provide the listen an excellent and accurate representation of our products.

All amp recordings are done direct with the instrument straight into the amp. The amp is recorded through one of the Mojave cabinets and using several selected microphones to monitor the sound and chose the right combination for best accuracy. You’ll find an audio section for each amplifier where you can listen to the songs in mp3 format.


  • Neumann u87 (one in Cardiod mode, One in Polar Mode)
  • Heil PR30 Condenser
  • Cascade Ribbon Mic/Lundahl Xfmr equipped
  • Sure KSM32 Large Diaphragm
  • Vintech Audio 1073i Mic Pre
  • Vintech Audio 473 Mic Pre
  • Lynx Aurora16 I/O and Aurora AES16e PCI
  • Lexicon PCM 96
  • Empirical Labs EL7 and pair of EL8x
  • DBX 160 SL
  • JBL 6332 Monitors
  • PreSonus Monitor Station
  • Phase Linear Model 400 power amp
  • Mac Pro Dual Quad Core
  • 30 Inch Cinema Display
  • Logic Pro 9.1.1
  • Melodyne Studio
  • Superior Drummer 2.2.3
  • IK Multimedia ARC
  • Lexicon Native Verbs

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