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20 August 2010

G.E.C. Marconi Osram/ Genalex. c. 1930 film

Rare film on the manufacture of the G.E.C. Vacuum Tube

19 August 2010

Noise Suppression: Key to Good Tone

The perspective of Mojave Ampworks is that low noise is a vital amplifier design criteria. Electric guitar players use subtle harmonic detail to create emotion and expression. Eliminating noise opens up more space for music and creativity. Continue reading

17 August 2010

Mojave Ampworks is mobile device friendly

Browse Mojave with your favorite mobile device.

17 August 2010

New and Used Old Stock Tubes currently available for limited time

When your trying to control harshness that can get away with electric guitars running vacuum tube amplifiers in the distortion overdrive mode, you have options. A good place to address this issue is the pre amp Continue reading

13 August 2010

Viv Campbell Drops By – on Tour Soon

Guitarist Vivian Campbell dropped by the Mojave shop recently. He picked up a Mojave Scorpion and 4×12 cab that he has already put to good use on a Def Leppard project. Check him and his Mojave tone out on tour with Thin Lizzy soon. Continue reading

29 July 2010

Harmonic Distortion, how it works for and against you

Over the years there have been a great many guitarist who are still trying to find that balance between good guitar playing and the texture of the amp and distortion that can be an aid or a distraction. There is a fine line on one hand when your dealing with distortion because it offers a larger number of harmonics which … Continue reading

5 July 2010

Scorpion Customer Feedback

Here is a message we got from a satisfied Mojave owner recently. By testing his tubes using our Amplitrex AT-1000 we were able to quickly isolate the problem, saving the customer time and money. Here’s a clip from the Reverend Guitar forum that I posted recently concerning your help with my Scorpion, which by the way sounds FREAKING FANTASTIC!!!!! Case … Continue reading

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