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1 December 2010

New Mojave Amp demo, 30 watt High Gain Sidewinder

This is an old “Standard” for guitar players. Many ways payed, I gave it a shot and it has a different flavor with a shuffle swing beat. Sleepwalk Used a plain Fender Strat for all tracks. Slide guitar and Clean guitar rhythm chords.

12 November 2010

high gain 30 watt Mojave Sidewinder ready for delivery.

Hear the latest sound demos 30 watt amp using a Fender Strat I am the Walrus Paperback Writer Blues Saraceno demo #1 Blues Saraceno Demo #2 Blues Saraceno Demo #3 Blues Saraceno Demo #4 $2399 Best single coil amp we have made.

7 November 2010

Very Rare 1964 JTM45

This is an all original 1964 JTM45 investor’s grade Amp. Great find, check it out.

4 November 2010

Beatles Tone, Paperback Writer

If your one who always thought Paul Mc Carneys guitar riff, and yes that was Paul playing Paper Back Writer, was the rock and roll benchmark hall of fame tones, your not alone. I have endevoured to capture this elusive sound and we have suceeded. Here is the clip using not only an amp which can be had for $2399 … Continue reading

22 October 2010

New Mojave 30 watt for the Hollidays. “Hear” is a taste of this new amp.

If your a Stratocast player, or you just favor single coils such as Tele or P90s and the likes, your going to be very happy. There is a new Sheriff in town and it’s hopped up on Pentodes. Here are some sound demos, all very dry and straight forward but very honest. You are hearing Straight in Fender Junk Box … Continue reading

19 October 2010

Special Edition comes to a close

The Limited Edition Plexi 45SE has sold out. The model is THE best Plexi 45 we have built to date. We loaded the Plexi 45SE with New Old Stock Tubes and a Radio Spares Output Transformer.

26 September 2010

Led Zepagain Draws Attention for Download Sales

Did you catch Led Zepagain’s nationally televised performance on CNBC? The band continues to draw attention, this time for amazing number of iTunes downloads they have sold. Watch the CNBC video for some really fascinating info on tribute bands and just how popular some of them have become, along with a performance of “Stairway to Heaven” done live for the … Continue reading

10 September 2010

Led Zepagain performs Immigrant Song with Mojave Coyote

We’ve got fresh video of Led Zepagain performing live. Guitarist Steve Zukowski rips through a spot-on version of the Zeppelin classic “Immigrant Song” using a Mojave Coyote and extension cabinet for his Zeppelin tone. The video is from the Hermosa Festival on Labor Day and you can see the crowd packing the streets, really getting into the performance. That solo … Continue reading

20 August 2010

Philip Mulard, The manufacture of radio valaves

This is an excellent three part film on the manufacture of thermonic vacuum tubes.

20 August 2010

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