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18 January 2011

Billy F. Gibbons takes Delivery of his Dirty Boy

Billy Gibbons took delivery of his Dirty Boy last night at a dinner gathering.

8 January 2011

Authentic AC/DC Tone using mojave amps

This was sent to us by a customer Simple and basic. used a Plexi 45 and Coyote for the Rhythm guitars. Used a Tele and a Scorpion for the Solo. AC/DC tone

27 December 2010

Grabbing the tiger by the tail, Harmonically speaking

Two recent demos of a new model, Mojave Sidewinder HG. HG standing for high gain. The trick is to create a rich enough sound to make a single coil bridge position pickup on a Fender Srtat sound rich with 3rd order harmonics and not allow the 2nd order to get dominant. Distortion or square wave distortion raise the bass side … Continue reading

27 December 2010

Block end Script logo JTM45 serial # 1877

One of my favorite JTM45’s because the block ends provided a stronger version of the chassis. This particular series was frequently found to have slightly higher internal high voltage, this created a little more power and dynamic range.

27 December 2010

Marshall JTM45 circa ’64 Clapton version serial # 1002

This is the Clapton edition, all the trimmings. Factory stock, all parts working perfectly. Part of the David Kronemyer collection.  Radio Spares transformers. 1964 model as is the case all of the capacitors were reconstituted and revitalized so they can be used safely.

22 December 2010

Major volume control for home players. Watch this video demo

If your battling the amp you love at the volume you get your best tone while trying to keep the peace at home, this is a superb way to resolve your problems.

18 December 2010

Investment Grade JTM 45 available from Mojave

This is a very rare 1964 JTM45 first series, all original. Investment grade, collectors quality. This amp comes from the David Kronemyer collection, former Senior Vice President of Capital Records. It was in the studio for over 20 years and hadn’t been turned on in the past 10 years.  It is the last of the Kronemyer collection being released. 

17 December 2010

Vivian Campbell calls Mojave with good news!

I was telephoned a short while ago by our good buddy, Vivian Campbell. He is in Ireland at present and rehearsing with Thin Lizzy. The call was to let me know just how astonishingly happy Vivian is with his new rig.

9 December 2010

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