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Mojave Ampworks Blog

27 April 2011


Mojave Ampworks LLC will end the current production soon. If there is a wide spread calling for the Dirty Boy, we will consider bringing it back. Continue reading

25 April 2011

Dirty Boy Amp Tone

Found some You Tube videos of Blues Saraceno using the Dirty Boy for the Hair Pick CD which is an excellent Representation of theDirty Boy in action and the incredible amps tone it has to offer. We have made sure that this amp delivers all those tones and more. Check these links for a great listen to a great musician … Continue reading

9 April 2011

19 March 2011

Mastering for the Masses

Using the T-Racks Stand Alone Plug-ins without Mastering experience. Mastering. The post production phase where a completed mixed down track or CD album is treated through a processes performed by a “Mastering Engineer”. The Mastering Engineer readies the mix for wide scale reproduction and or broadcast.

10 March 2011


We had a great opportunity to have Vivian Campbell visit us at Mojave Ampworks before he went on tour with Thin Lizzy.

4 March 2011

Review: Pump up the Bass with MaxxBass by Waves

I had the chance to try out MaxxBass by Waves. Here’s my review:

21 February 2011

the Mojave perspective on speakers for guitar amplifiers

Looking for new speakers for your guitar amplifier? Combo or closed back? High power or Low power? We beyond those basics, we’ve got some tis for you that might be of some good help and also clear up some misconceptions as well.

3 February 2011

Cool Tips on Gauging if a Compressor helps or hurts your mix

I do some Blog articles for and this one makes a great example of how you can hear if your compressor is helping or hurting your Mix.

31 January 2011

Read a customer Letter to Mojave

Sometimes a customer or in this case, a musician who bought a Mojave Coyote second hand finds the benefits of the Coyote.

26 January 2011

NAMM Show winners in my book

If you’re looking for an excellent Microphone for a low price, CAD is offering an excellent Super Cardiod Capacitor microphone that is superbly flat in response and can handle extremely high SPL for guitar players.

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