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26 October 2011

Ripping whip ass guitar using scorpion Ala Lance Lopez

I was sent this Video by one of our artists, Lance Lopez. He is an amazing guitarist and singer. Lance was asked to perform at Blues, Bandits, & BBQ Festival in Oak Cliff, Texas (SRV’s old neighborhood) using the Scorpion and both 2×12’s. This is the real deal.

4 August 2011

Rig Rundown – Thin Lizzy’s Vivian Campbell & Scott Gorham (Mojave Scorpion 50 watt)

Not too long ago, Premier Guitar caught up with Thin Lizzy during the Chicago stop on their North American tour. Premier Guitar’s Chris Kies chatted with Thin Lizzy guitar tech Coty Allinson about the setup for guitar greats Scott Gorham and Vivian Campbell. Vivian Campbell plays a Mojave Scorpion 50 watt.

4 August 2011

Rig Rundown – Billy F. Gibbons – ZZ Top – (Mojave Scorpion 50 watt)

Rebecca Dirks from Premier Guitar is On Location with Elwood Francis, guitar tech for Billy F. Gibbons to check out Billy’s live rig. And what do you think she found? A Mojave Scorpion special made for Billy F. Gibbons! Check it out, You can watch the whole video to see his whole rig or scroll to 11:54 to see the … Continue reading

27 July 2011

Why You Need an Intersample Meter When Mastering by: Victor Mason

Your mix is done but a “digital bug” lays dormant waiting to be unleashed on the listener. Unless you have taken the steps needed to check for them, odds are against you that you have them and probably don’t even know it. You’re not alone, the vast majority of commercial mixes are laden with them. What is this Bug? It’s … Continue reading

21 July 2011

12 June 2011

Victor Mason and Mojave Staff Visiting Black Country Communion

Very Glad to have attended one of the first of a few new shows with a new band, Black Country Communion. The show was at Grove City Theater in Anaheim. Everyone was in great spirits and sounded terrific.

9 June 2011

Review: Amplitube 3 by IK Multimedia: Get Great Bass Guitar in Your DAW by: Victor Mason

Trying to get that “Most High” Bass Guitar tone hasn’t always been the easiest feat for me over the years, especially since I use a Midi keyboard for my Bass Guitar sounds. Luckily I’ve been graced with IK’s Ampeg line of bass modules, you will be floored at how very good these sound. The New Custom Shop AmpliTube 3 is some … Continue reading

29 May 2011

Coyote not just for Rock and Roll

Here is a good example of the Coyote at work in a creative setting. Super rich and good textures, all with an amp that is only 12 watts.

18 May 2011

Guitar Hands Cleanser Review

Guitar Player Hands True Life trial using the “Guitar Hands®” lotion. So you think this will be boring? NOT. To cut to the quick, this product is ideal for end users who pick up a guitar or bass instrument. Guitar Hands® is a very interesting product. There are several ways you can approach playing guitar. One is, you don’t care … Continue reading

4 May 2011

Phase Correction Using Logic’s Sample Delay Plug-In

Article I wrote for Mac Pro Video A while back I was wrestling with trying to correct phase for my microphone set up. The microphones all had a different distance between one mic to another. This would not have been such a big deal with only two mics, but I have 5 microphones in use. That tends to “complicate” things, … Continue reading

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