Company Background

Plexi 45SE with Vintage Marshalls

Vintage Roots

Mojave Ampworks grew out of Plexi Palace, a company offering rare and fine British guitar amps and specializing in their restoration, rebuilding, and service. Many exceptional vintage amplifiers passed through our hands, giving us a keen insight into tube amplification that we applied to our own designs. Plexi Palace still offers vintage amp service and products.

Technical Skill and Experienced Hands

Our technicians have over 35 years combined experience working in military electronics, hi-fi tube audio, and tube audio specialty technologies. We have the technical expertise to execute our innovative guitar amplifier designs to their fullest potential. The result is the highest craftsmanship in the hand built tube amp industry – each amp built is a piece of artwork to us.

Our Mission

We make it our goal to help guitarists choose the right amplifier and cabinet for their desired tone. Mojave continues to refine and develop the product line to produce the most sought-after guitar sounds. As a factory direct company we offer personalized contact between the builders and technicians and the amp users.

We offer a large variety of professionally recorded sound demos for honest evaluation of all Mojave products. A professional and high quality recording will deliver the best information you can get when looking for good tube amps. The demo recordings are done in-house in our state of the art professional recording studio. We do our own product demos for the most part and understand how amps record. We are experts at offering recording tips for recording great signature tones.

Commitment to Quality

Mojave Ampworks does not cut corners in our quest to bring you the best sounding and most reliable amplifier. Custom transformers give our amps a unique sound and superior quality. A keen insight into speaker technologies was applied to our cabinet design. Using the best test equipment in the industry makes our product better. We are able to preform testing and specialized technical service many simply can’t provide. As one of the only guitar amp builders who own and use the Amplitrex AT-1000 tube tester, we provide the best tubes guaranteed in all Mojave amps, new or old stock.

As a result, Mojave amplifiers have some of the highest resale values in the hand built guitar amplifier market. Customer satisfaction is top priority, and all of our amplifiers carry a warranty. If you’re not happy, we refund you.

More information

Mojave Ampworks LLC also maintains one of the largest amp discussion forums on the internet, active since 1999 with over 40,000 members. Join the discussion – there’s even a section dedicated just to Mojave amps.

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