Mojave’s Sidewinder HG
The next evolution to the Mojave line.

Sometimes nothing is sweater then the direct connection of the guitar and amplifier and getting that rich character that the tube will offer. The Sidewinder HG does just that and for those who are keen on single coil guitars, this amp was made especially for you.

What’s the difference between a Sidewinder 30 and the HG edition?

The Sidewinder HG is equipped with two EF184/6EJ7 Pentode Preamp tubes. Our standard version uses two ECC83/12AX7s wired as twin triodes to give it plenty of clean touch sensitivity and dynamics. By replacing these two preamps with pentodes, we effectively ramped up the gain by more then 300%. The fact that the preamps are pentodes also creates a very robust and rich harmonic sound. Some people are familiar with Pentode preamps like the EF86 which was found in the very early AC15 or 1959 Blond AC30. The EF184 is 10 TIMES higher gain then an EF86 thereby making it a game changer.

No Pedal Needed!

Most of the time your single coil guitar is pared up with a boost pedal for that extra gain required to get the amp and preamp to act on the players expression. The solo is the key place to “insert gain pedal here”. Here’s the good news. Even if you still like a gain pedal for that clean push, the Sidewinder HG has enough push to allow the single coil guitarist plenty of room to play directly into the amp and get that punch normally found with a pedal. The benefit is a better harmonic outcome with more color and character.

*All Sidewinder Hg’s are equipped with New Old Stock Phillips brand tubes. Only the highest quality tubes are used and that has made this an amp of even higher quality.*

Solid State Rectifier vs. Vacuum tube rectifier.

The Sidewinder HG is wired with an 8 pin Octal socket for standard use with a 5AR4/GZ34 tube rectifier. We have installed a solid state rectifier and gained tighter low end response with less sag. The SS rectifier can be removed by simply unplugging or reinstalling by plugging it into the tube socket. A standard GZ34 will run just fine so you can decide which suites your taste better. You get and amp that runs with both.

What about a Les Paul or Humbucker equipped guitar?

Listen for yourself. (recorded by Blues Saraceno)

Strat Rhythm, Les Paul Jr P90 Lead: (recorded by Blues Saraceno)

Strat only: (recorded by Blues Saraceno)

Strat Rhythm, Tele Lead (recorded by Blues Saraceno)

What About Clean tone? (recorded by Victor Mason)

Beatles Tones are also wrapped up tight in the Sidewinder HG edition. This allows some of the hard to find tones to come to life without lots of different guitars and amps.

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