Updated voicing for increased sustain and brightness,
30 watts for more clean headroom

The Coyote’s Big Brother

The Sidewinder has a lot in common with our Coyote amplifier, with a more powerful 30 watt power amplifier for more clean headroom and dynamic range. You still get great features like power dampening and dual volume controls that let you quickly dial in usable tones.

Touch Sensitive Tone

The cathode biased power amplifier gives touch sensitive character and sweetness. The amp produces a symphony of color and chime, rich in harmonic content. Our exclusive current tracking technology means crisper tone than comparable amps.

The complement of four EL84 output power tubes, one GZ34 rectifier tube, and three 12AX7 preamp tubes produces classic tones as well. Without missing a beat you can move from a sweet chime laden tone to a full on raging overload with the Mojave Sidewinder. Also available in 1×12 and 2×12 combo versions.

Sidewinder Front Panel

Sidewinder Rear Panel

Updated Voicing – More of a Good Thing

We revoiced the Sidewinder for increased gain in the upper midrange. Now you get additional clean chime sounds and a great deal of flexibility for recording and performing. The Blues Saraceno recordings of the Sidewinder show off its versatile voice.

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