Dirty Boy



“This amp is nothing short of amazing”
-William Duvall, Alice in Chains
“The Scorpion is the best amp I’ve ever used for getting all those classic guitar tones”
-Brian Young, David Lee Roth Band

Big Tone in a Small Package

Mojave Ampworks has made the ultimate 50 watt dream amp a reality. No shortcuts, no compromise. The Scorpion 50 watt with Power Dampening breaks boundaries on clean headroom, tone and flexibility. The Scorpion makes it possible to truly harness big guitar amp tone from a smaller package.

The Scorpion delivers much higher gain than the average non-master-volume amp. Our power dampening technology is essential to the Scorpion design – you dial in your power level between 3 and 50 watts. Get full throttle overdrive tone at a volume you can play at home. You won’t lose any tone like you do with a master volume control or attenuator. We specify a 100 watt output transformer, customized for 50 watt use, to deliver big tone.

Scorpion Front Panel

Scorpion Rear Panel


  • Non-Master Volume
  • Preamp: four 12AX7
  • Power amp: two EL34
  • Selectable Power output range: 3-50 watts
  • Adjustable Fixed Bias
  • 100 watt output transformer (customized for 50 watt use)
  • Independent filament transformer for low noise
  • Able to produce much higher gain response than average non master volume amp

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