Plexi 45

We based our Plexi 45 on the amp responsible for benchmark classic rock tones
made famous by the likes of Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page

Timeless Tone

For many guitarists, the original JTM45 defined the sound of lead guitar. The rock icons who played them filled stadiums in the 1970’s and their recordings have never left the airwaves. Choose our Plexi 45 for the clarity and soulful singing lead quality of this quintessential tone. Mojave gives you more than just a resurrection of the tried and true…

Classic Details

The Plexi 45 is faithful to its classic heritage. The carefully planned chassis layout, interior assembly, and transformer arrangement are important ingredients for vintage inspired tones. Under the hood you’ll find retro architecture including sideways interior mounted capacitor and specially selected power and standby switches to satisfy your inner vintage amp enthusiast. The Plexi 45 is equipped with two 6L6 or EL34 power output tubes, one GZ 34 tube rectifier and three 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Mojave Enhancements

At Mojave, we pack our amps with features you won’t find on a vintage amplifier to make our amps more reliable and versatile, while still retaining the classic tone. We source high quality parts to ensure durability for many years of excellent sound and performance. The Plexi 45 can be run with KT66, 6L6, 5881 or EL34 power tubes to suit your taste. The adjustable bias pot makes service easy when changing tubes. Laser etched front and back control panels are long lasting compared to painted lettering.

A vintage non-master volume amp won’t create preamp distortion so it takes high power levels, and high volume, to get overdriven tone. Mojave’s Power Dampening technology lets you play the Plexi 45 with full throttle overdrive at lower volume. You select the power level you want to use. The amp runs cooler and puts less stress on tubes and transformers, prolonging their useful life.

The Mojave Plexi 45 offers classic tone and vintage construction, while adding modern reliability and features.

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