Dirty Boy

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Dirty Boy

Don’t Sound Like Everyone Else,
Play a True American Original

The Backstory

A long time ago a young guitar prodigy named Blues Saraceno recorded some solo instrumental records. This budding virtuoso guitarist was developing his signature tone and hunting for an amp that would create the sound to set him apart. His search led to a custom built, one-of-a-kind amplifier made just for him – he called it “Dirty Boy”. Saraceno’s original Dirty Boy is the inspiration for Mojave Ampworks’ latest and most ambitious offering.

Sound Like Yourself

In a marketplace crowded with clones of vintage amps, it’s rare that any product breaks new ground. With ten tubes, five transformers, user-controlled variable feedback, variable bias, and built-in variac, Mojave’s Dirty Boy offers a feature set you can’t get anywhere else. We spent well over a year on research and development, refining every aspect of the original Dirty Boy’s design and sourcing the finest American-made components. We did all that so you can forge your own unique tone from the infinite mixtures of the control settings now at your fingertips. You’ll still be able to achieve the familiar rock tones you’ve come to expect but now the door is open to find that holy grail sound of your very own… just like the most groundbreaking artists.

Built-In Variac

At first glance you will see one very noticeable feature on the Dirty Boy. That feature is the “built in Variac” placed right in the center of the amplifiers front section. The dial is large and the control dial plate is large for easy visual reference. This is the heart of the amp. Not only does the variac control the Dirty Boys over all power level, but unlike anything you might have experienced, the Variac creates completely different sound characteristics not obtained by standard amp topology.

User-Adjustable Bias

Look closer and you will see an array of controls, some are familiar such as Guitar Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass and Presence. The ones you are probably not familiar with are ones that are not found on amps generally due to the fact that they are fixed assets which the user has up until now, never had the ability to change. If you were to take your guitar amp in for service you might get it back sounding different then when you took it in. That could be a result of a cold bias or a hot bias or something in between. Frankly the bias control is an enormously important part of the amps sound and behavior. We have let the monster out of the box so to speak and brought you the flexibility of making this one of your own custom controls. You can now adjust the power tube bias, through a front panel user control, to your liking and not depend on a tech to do it for you. You know the sound in your head, now you have one more tool to get it. We will cover the bias control in detail later, for now we are going to introduce you to the Dirty Boy’s over all control scheme.

Dirty Boy Front

Dirty Boy Rear

Variable Feedback

The next control you probably do not recognize would be an adjustable feedback. Typically, just like the “bias adjustment”, you the user would not have access to the feedback setting. The amplifier’s feedback is fixed by a set resistor and is sometimes changed by techs in a custom modification to either increase or decrease gain and response. Now you no longer have to guess what that means to you and your sound. We have brought that to you as a front panel user control. The adjustable feedback control will influence your sound in a drastic way. The result, you can change the dynamics of your amp and how it responds to your playing in a huge way.

Boost Channel

At first glance you see the words “Boost Gain” and “Boost Volume” and assume they are your typical master volume overdrive… but they are not. Much like a high end boost pedal, the boost channel allows you to add “Boost” and create either clean boost or overdriven boosted gain, which is interactive with the overall gain level of the Dirty Boy’s Guitar Volume control. Sound complicated, not at all. If you play your amp at a level of gain and tone to suit your liking using only the non-boosted channel, you can now add a punch to that same tone and even control how loud that punch is with the Boost Volume. Most guitarist need that control to allow them the right amount of drive and push so they can deliver the lead that cuts through without killing the audience in the process. But if you want them to walk away with their hair straight up in the air, the boost channel is the way to do it!

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