Coyote Head

“Recording with the Coyote immediately reminded me of the vibe surrounding the Frampton’s Camel sessions”
-Peter Frampton
“The Coyote is the best sounding modern amp I have ever played”
-Eric Johnson

Now available in a High Gain Model… Coyote HG

Coyote Character

Built with Mojave AmpWorks’ exclusive current tracking pre-amp technology, the Coyote offers 12 watts of incredibly soulful sound with a distinctively British character. The warm tone of this smooth and responsive amp will inspire your playing. The power level is just right – it sings without the need for crushing volume. Also available in 1×12 and 2×12 combo versions.

Design Features

  • Smooth Voicing
  • Dual volumes for blending
  • Mid cut and Emphasis
  • Power Dampening
  • Current tracking Preamp
  • Cathode Biased Power Section
  • EL84 Power Section, High Impedance Power Supply
  • Three 12AX7 preamp tubes

Cathode Biased EL84 Power Amp

The Coyote uses a classic cathode biased power amp design. The power amp is rich in harmonic content and the two EL84 power tubes develop that British sound. The self-biased power section allows power tubes to be changed without the technical attention normally required by amplifiers using grid biasing. The Coyote’s output transformer is equipped with both 8-ohm and 16-ohm speaker taps providing good flexibility for your speaker needs.

Coyote Front

Coyote Rear

Mid-Frequency Cut Switching

The amp’s natural midrange emphasis in its overall frequency response can be reduced by engaging the midrange cut switch. The mid cut only affects the bright channel, and when the midrange is in the “cut” setting the Coyote achieves a greater degree of clean headroom. Use this setting for a Top-Boost sound. For more aggressive tones, move the switch to the “emphasis” setting.

High Z Power Supply, No Ghost-Notes

Like many vintage amp designs, the Coyote employs a high impedance power supply. Small fluctuations in current levels enhance the pleasing character and musical quality of the sound as a result. We worked to limit the “ghost notes” side effect of the high impedance power supply, so you can produce great tone without unwanted noise.

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