Mojave Amplifiers

Mojave Ampworks is dedicated to producing the highest quality amplifier. Every amp that leaves the shop is built to our exacting standards. We test and grade every tube using two industry-leading Amplitrex AT-1000 tube testers. Our range of amplifiers represent the evoloution of classic British tone with modern refinements, features, and reliability. All Mojave Amps run on 100V, 120V, 220V/230V and 240V VAC so you can be sure it will work in your country.

Coyote Amplifier

Starting at $1695

12W • Cathode Biased • (2)EL84s

Designed for Peter Frampton in 2002. Punchy and sweet without excessive volume. Perfect for recording and club gigs.
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Coyote Amplifier

Starting at $1795

12W • Cathode Biased • (2)EL84s

Designed for single coiled guitars.
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Scorpion Amplifier

Starting at $1995

50W • Fixed Bias • (2)EL34s

The choice of legneds like Vivian Campbell and Joe Walsh, 50 watts of behemoth rock guitar tone that sounds like 100.
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Sidewinder Amplifier

Starting at $2199

30W • Cathode Biased • (4)EL84s

Warm, sweet, and harmonically rich. The high gain, clean preamp brings the smallest detail to life.
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Sidewinder HG

Starting at $2299

30W • Cathode Bias • (4) EL84s

New High Gain Edition! Pentode preamp. Extra harmonix and gain. Single coil bonanza.
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Plexi 45 Amplifier

Starting at at $2199

45W • Fixed Bias • (2)6L6s or EL34s

Rich cleans and smooth overdrive inspired by the landmark plexi tones of Page and Beck's 45 watt amps.
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Dirty Boy Amplifier

Starting at $3699

User-adjustable Bias • 0-100W

It took a Dirty Boy to meet the demands of Blues Saraceno, now this studio secret weapon is available for you.
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  This amp is not in procution at this time. NOS tubes, custom Radio Spares OT, special parts for the best organic and harmonically rich tone. See and hear more...

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