Standard Features

We looked after the little details so you can focus on making music. Our amps are built to stand the test of time and deliver great tone in real world conditions. Look inside for features standard on every Mojave amplifier, with the exception of the Dirty Boy. The Dirty Boy is based on all the same concepts of quality and craftsmanship, but some build details are slightly different.

A signature Mojave feature, our unique Power Dampening technology allows selection of infinite power levels. It’s not a built in attenuator, nor is it a master volume control. Just dial in anywhere from maximum wattage to a minimum as low as 2 watts output. You’ll get full throttle overdrive at bedroom volumes, with the same tone you had with the amp cranked up. With power dampening engaged, the tubes generate less power so the amp runs cooler with less stress. Benefits include reduced wear on tubes and transformers for longer life.

All Mojave amplifiers are equipped with adjustable Line Level Outputs. We include a ground lift, selected via push-pull knob, to avoid ground loops from direct connections with external equipment. The line output collects the amp’s sound, including character of the power tubes and output transformer, without microphone or speaker interaction. Use the line level output to send your signal directly to a live board, recording device, effects processor, or amplify separately for wet/dry setups.

Fluid Chassis Layout

A fluid and simple parts layout means easy repairs and helps even a non-technician understand the amplifier. Solder joints are clean and accessible for each part placed onto dedicated turret pairs across the turret board.

Easy Speaker Connections

Running multiple cabinets? Our back panel is clearly marked with multiple connectors for dependable, trouble free operation. We don't use unreliable "Impedance Selector" swtiches that wear out and get noisy.

Detachable AC Receptacle

The detachable AC power cord can be replaced easily if it gets cut, frayed or damaged, unlike one permanently attached to the chassis. It's also more convenient for transport.

Built-In Spare Fuse Holder

Typical fuse holders protrude from the chassis offering little protection. With Mojave, your spare fuse is there for you when you need it most, tucked safely inside the AC socket.

Standard Features of Mojave Amps

Well-Grounded Input Jacks

Most amps rely on a flimsy mechanical ground and poorly grounded input jacks cause RF interference. Mojave uses a durable soldered connection directly to the input jack.

Central Point Grounding

Prevents noise, eliminates ground loops, and increases ground quality for the entire amp. When grounds are brought together to their respective points and not just made in different points across the chassis, the power amp benefits.

Nylock Hardware

Nylocks do not thread on easily, making it harder to build the amp. But they also do not come loose easily! Nylock hardware maintains mechanical integrity when exposed to the heat and vibration of a tube amp.

Dual Primary Power Transformers

This means higher efficiency and cooler core temperatures. The result is a more reliable power supply with better current capacity. Our PT's have low profile lugs rather then bulky wires sprouting out from the transformer making the amp cleaner and neater inside.

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