Amplitrex Tested

Tubes tested with Amplitrex

Why should tube testing matter to you?

The brand of pre amp tubes we have are only the best selected GE, RCA, Sylvania, Holland Amperex, Mullard, Brimar, Tungsram and others. we have a good assortment but what we consider the best tube to put in the amp is not brand dependent. It is actually grade dependent. A weak or poor grade Mullard means nothing. A super hot GE or Brimar will yield enormous gains in tone, gain and response. So our investment in the Amplitrex AT-1000 is the difference between wasting money on tubes by brand or getting the kind of tubes you could only pray for. We will select the best and make sure they are the finest of our selection of our best brands. We will provide you a printed test result with a time and date stamp and put the paperwork in your amp box along with your owners manual. These are custom tested for your amp specifically as we not only test them with our Amplitrex, but we check them for noise in the amp and only use the lowest noise tubes, not just the highest gain.

What does “Amplitrex Tested” mean?

First, you need to know what the Amplitrex is. The Amplitrex AT-1000 is the state of the art computerized tube tester and one of the only tube testers produced that is able to work independently and has custom interfaced software for PC operation. The Amplitrex AT-1000 is a current production tube tester and unlike tube testers built 35 to 55 years ago, the Amplitrex offers laboratory grade testing under microprocessor control and makes it possible to check a tube according to the original manufactures design specifications. Even more valuable is the ability to duplicate not just our guitar amplifiers circuit parameters but any guitar amp parameters. With the Amplitrex AT-1000, we can test our tubes under the same conditions they are subject to within our Mojave tube amps.

Real life guitar amp circuit parameters work with more then 150 volts which is what most old testers use. The Amplitrex can put up to 500 volts on the plate @ 160ma of plate current. a Marshall Superlead runs the power tubes anywhere from 460 to 500 volts on the plate. With the Amplitrex, we can duplicate these parameters. This means the tube will run on the tester as it would in the amplifier. The ability to heat the tube up at the same temperature means any mechanical defect that would be subject to change because of temperature will be weeded out on the spot. Many other important variables are more likely to be brought to bear under real operating conditions. This important tube performance data cannot be duplicated with older “Proportional” type tube testers that use lower test voltage because the typical voltage applied (around 150 volts) simply does not stress the tube or create the heat and current flow that will be seen inside the guitar amplifier on stage in front of hundreds if not thousands of people where a failure is out of the question. Even if you’re just at home, you won’t have to worry that you paid for tubes which might not be good.

Amplitrex Tested Amplitrex Tested Amplitrex Tested Amplitrex Tested Amplitrex Tested Amplitrex Tested

Because of this difference, you could feasibly buy a set of expensive new old stock power output and preamp tubes which were tested on a 35 year old tester and not get the facts. You wind up wasting money because you get your new tubes and they crap out after they are put in a guitar amp because they run hotter & harder then the tester they were checked out on. With the Amplitrex AT-1000, your tubes are tested exactly the same as the intended circuit they are to be used in.

Benefits of Testing Tubes on the Amplitrex AT-1000

  • Your tubes are sure to be dependable
  • Audio tubes are certain to sound good
  • Tubes graded on the Amplitrex are known good and are going to last longer
  • N.O.S Pre amp and Power tubes are worth what you paid for them
  • An audio noise test is performed and only low noise tubes are passed
  • The Amplitrex assures your tubes are not contaminated internally
  • Peace of mind that your tubes are certain to work without question
  • You can get your tubes exactly matched so you keep spares that do not need to be re biased by a technician
  • Your tubes are going to make plenty of clean power
  • Your tubes will not make extraneous sounds
  • Higher gain tubes help produce better harmonics and clipping for overdrive

Demand Amplitrex Tested Tubes in Your Amplifier

The Amplitrex AT-1000 is without question the best tube testing product available. Mojave Ampworks builds top quality amp and we spare no expense even down to the quality of our tubes and especially our tube testing which is fundamentally critical for your product performance and reliability.

The Amplitrex provides a dated and time stamped data sheet for all tested tubes. We are happy to provide you your dated time stamped test results upon request.

Make sure you ask your favorite tube supplier, amp builders or service tech for Amplitrex Graded tubes. Only Amplitrex Graded tubes will do.

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