Amp Components

No one works harder to find the best quality parts than Mojave. Our commitment to quality starts with sourcing the best available parts. If readily available components don’t meet our standards, we have them custom manufactured for use in our amplifiers.

Aluminum Chassis

Aluminum is light, won't rust, and is non-magnetic so it won't interact with the transformers and cause hum. Corners get a reinfocred weld for extra strength.

Custom Transformers

Magnetics are the heart of all vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. Mojave transformers are custom built and designed for reliability and increased harmonics.

Amplitrex Tested Tubes

We test every tube on an industry leading Amplitrex AT-1000. Regardless of brand, tubes must meet our strict grading standards for use in a Mojave amp.

Ceramic Tube Sockets

Unlike the lower grade plastic sockets, ceramic sockets won't burn from the high voltage. So you avoid carbon resistance and unwanted arcing.

Quality Components

Hand-wired Turret Board

Terminal board construction ensures superior mechanical contact between parts and connecting wires. Mechanical strength is achieved when the leads from the parts are fed directly into the turrets themselves and then soldered for guaranteed electrical bonding. Terminal board construction provides ease in changing circuitry as ongoing development occurs.

Metal Film Resistors

Superior to carbon type resistors, metal film resistors are quieter, have greater temperature coefficient ratings, and are available in precise values. They are more stable and less likely to drift from original values. We specify resistors with a greater power rating than the circuit demands to ensure longevity and proper circuit operation.

1% Tolerance Capacitors

We use high-grade film and foil polypropylene and silver mica capacitors with 1% tolerance. They are custom made just for us and printed with the Mojave logo. The result is sonic consistency from one amplifier to the next.

Teflon Insulated Wire

Every amp is completely hand-wired with Teflon insulated silver-plated copper wire. Teflon insulated wire will not burn like plastic coated wire. It also resists heat, preventing cracking of the wiring insulation. In addition, silver-plated copper wire is an excellent conductor.

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