The first way to improve any design is to learn from the past. Mojave AmpWorks has the distinction of having a great deal of experience in the restoration and service of vintage guitar amps. A large part of our experience has been gained solving problems with older guitar amps that had many miles on them. All amps start out new and wind up old. It comes down to how they weather the wear and tear.

This experience is the backbone of our research and development efforts to build a better, more durable product for our customers. Lou Toomey, guitarist for Brooks & Dunn, tells a great story of the time his Mojave Plexi 45 fell off a stage riser just before a show and suffered a huge dent in the back – the amp still worked and he even used it on a televised appearance before sending it back for repairs. That is the kind of story that justifies the effort we put into the standard features of our amplifiers, choosing and sourcing quality components, and testing every tube on an Amplitrex AT-1000 tube tester.

Amplifier Standard Features
Amplifier Component Quality
Tube Testing

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