New Coyote HG Sound Demo exploring the ULTIMATE Chime Tone!

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New Coyote HG Sound Demo exploring the ULTIMATE Chime tone!

Exploring the ultimate guitar tones for the professional Hit maker studio guitarist.

I sat down and took a simple piece of music, then tried to open up some ways to explore clean tones using the Fender Strat, and I wound up also using my Baritone guitar that is P90 equipped. It’s a cheap Eastwood Baritone guitar tuned to B and is great for full bodied sound with clarity.

The most ridiculous part of all this is I was able to achieve all those guitar tones tones with no EQ, and one knob. Just check out the amp settings!


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The term HG or High Gain is not to be construed with the modern vernacular definition. In Mojave Amp world, it means harmonics and higher gain of sensitivity, not distortion.

Click here to Listen:
Mojave Coyote HG Clean Tone

Click here to find out more about the Mojave Ampworks Coyote HG

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