Vivian Campbell speaks out about Mojave

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In September 2011, Premier Guitar did an interview with Def Leppard where both Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell were asked a lot of question about the work they were doing and the gear they were using, Although Vivian does not use Mojave amps in Def Leppard, he was eager to detail his Mojave rig and his first choice and true  personal Rig which he has used for his Thin Lizzy tour.

I have pulled a short excerpt from the article which you can read in full at: Def Leppard

Here are the excerpts form the interview. it really is a moment of pride for us and we felt compelled to share it with you.

You guys have different amp rigs for Def Leppard, depending on where you are in the world, as well as separate rigs for your side projects, right?

Campbell: For Def Leppard, I have the typical switching system, with a refrigerator rack full of digital delays and stereo processing— which is necessary. My Def Leppard rig hasn’t changed for years, but this year I swapped out my Marshall cabs for Engl cabs, which sound a lot brighter to me. I’ve also put in Engl power amps, which have a lot more flexibility. I’m still using the Marshall JMP-1—I’ve had it in my rig for 15 years—but in addition to those, I’ve been given a couple of Engl preamps to try.

I also have a brilliant-sounding rig that I built for the Thin Lizzy tour. It’s basically a Mojave Scorpion 50-watt head and a Mojave 4×12 cab. It’s a very direct signal path. With that rig, I run my Les Paul on a cable, because I don’t like what a wireless does to your guitar sound—but in Def Leppard I have to use a wireless because of the size of that stage. With Thin Lizzy, it’s my Les Paul into a Dunlop Hendrix Wah pedal to a Way Huge Angry Troll boost pedal to the front end of the Mojave. The Mojave doesn’t have an effects loop, but it has an adjustable line out, so I take the line out and feed that into the front of a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. watt amp that powers a Marshall 4×12 cab. So I have a dry cab and a wet cab with a tape delay, and it sounds so good.

Vivian holding my lefty Les Paul, when visiting Mojave Ampworks

Vivian, what do you like about Mojave amps?

Campbell: They really breathe, and when you hang onto a note, you’re hearing all these rich overtones and undertones that you don’t hear in a lot of amps. Basically, the Scorpion is like a slightly hot-rodded version of an early JTM45, so it’s got that old-school thing.

Vivian Campbell’s Gearbox


Rebuilt guitar with 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom neck, Gibson ’56 Custom Shop Reissue Les Paul


Marshall JMP-1 tube preamp, two Engl Tube Poweramp E850/100 power amps, Mojave Scorpion head and Mojave 4×12 cab (for Thin Lizzy)


Way Huge Angry Troll, Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Signature Wah, three Jim Dunlop Cry Baby wahs, Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, Yamaha D1500 digital delay, TC Electronic TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay+Effects Control Processor, Eventide Omnipressor, Rocktron Chorus

Strings and Picks

Jim Dunlop strings (.013–.054 sets), Dunlop stainless steel picks (for electric), Jim Dunlop 1.14 mm Tortex (for acoustic)

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  1. rik carlson says:

    TONE MONSTER, this is the tone i hear in my head. One day i will be able to afford THIS, AMAZING …. What else can i say???

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