A remix of this 1966 MONO recording

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This was a labor of love, but I really think this artist is one of the greatest song writers of the last century, right up there with the Beatles. I did not follow him all the years of his career but I am respectful of who he is and what he did, more over, his raw talent and many songs that are widely known but thought to have been written by other artist when in fact, it was This artist who wrote those songs. I will leave the name out for fun, if your old enough, you will know who this is. If you’re not, That’s ok, you will know now and that is a good thing,

1966 MONO Recording, Remixed by Victor Mason

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  1. midnightsun says:

    Victor…. your remix blew me away. I really like it and think it is better than the radio hit version. How did you do it. Did you get your hands on the original tracks?

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