Review: Amplitube 3 by IK Multimedia: Get Great Bass Guitar in Your DAW by: Victor Mason

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Trying to get that “Most High” Bass Guitar tone hasn’t always been the easiest feat for me over the years, especially since I use a Midi keyboard for my Bass Guitar sounds. Luckily I’ve been graced with IK’s Ampeg line of bass modules, you will be floored at how very good these sound. The New Custom Shop AmpliTube 3 is some serious bang for the buck as they say. In fact, you can’t do better since, as of the time of this review, the MIDI 101, Midi demystified by Peter Schwartz.And learn more about the EXS24 with Logic 102, Exploring the EXS24 by David Dvorin. Now, I used the EXS24 to create a bass guitar triggered by my Midi keyboard. I chose a factory setting, Liverpool Bass. This is a very un-colored bass sound but it does sound like a guitar, as is should. Just to be safe, I lowered the output form the EXS24 to -17 db, and removed the compressor and EQ from within the channel strip that normally comes included as part of the channel strip setting. Click here to Read More

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