Guitar Hands Cleanser Review

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Guitar Player Hands

True Life trial using the “Guitar Hands®” lotion.

So you think this will be boring? NOT.

To cut to the quick, this product is ideal for end users who pick up a guitar or bass instrument. Guitar Hands® is a very interesting product. There are several ways you can approach playing guitar. One is, you don’t care what your hands look like and don’t care if there is oily dirt on them, your guitar probably looks the part. I’ve seen it a hundreds times. Not only is the fret board disgusting, the tone of the instrument always suffers as does the tuning. If the gunk is like a snotty tar that coats your strings and fret board, it stands to reason it will dampen the sound resonance of the fret board. All things considered, that is the wrong way to handle your ax and your hands, not to mention poor hygiene.

Next, use clean hands and keep your instrument clean as well. Good idea, Excellent for tone and keeping the guitar clean. Tough on hand skin. As with all skin, if you wash them often (as I have grown accustom to doing) your dealing with some really dry skin. so if you bother to even try using hand lotion, your back to a sticky surface when you pick up your guitar. Not the right idea. One way around it is to use talcum power. That works but it looks like your a gymnast. Your instrument is always power white and if you thought you had dry skin now, don’t dare rub your hands together or they are liable to catch on fire!

Ok, here comes the Guitar Hands® Lotion. This is a unique product created by a one Doctor Randy Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs is a guitar player. He is also a Dermatologist. Great, fix my hands and help me keep the guitar clean!

That’s the result if your trying to do both. Dr. Randy Jacobs had created a lotion especially for guitar players. Here is the low down. Your hands are clean, you put the lotion on and rub it in. Wipe off excess with a dry towel. Wait 3 mins if that, your hands are now in great condition skin wise, but even better, they are dry and slippery like you wouldn’t believe. Think Grizwald sliding down the mountain with his new teflon coating on the bottom of his sled. Yep, lightening fast and no gunk on the guitar. Very cool. More over, you hands look healthy, your calluses are strong and do not peel. Your hands stay in great condition, while your playing is easy without the typical resistance.

I find this product to work especially well with Lacquer based guitars. Lacquer is tacky if your hands build up any sweat. Guitar Hands® seal your skin so this is not a problem. The skin cleanser as it is refereed to, does something I cannot explain other then to refer you to Dr Jacobs website, where Dr. Jacobs explains things well in detail.

So, in conclusion, this stuff in the bomb. I STRONGLY recommend this product as I have used it for a month, and the results are tremendous for a seasoned player, helpful for a beginner needing to prevent skin from tearing while building up calluses and finally, your guitar stays very clean and sound better without that build up if you had not used this product. One final comment, I  found myself using this product when I do not play the guitar. It really is great for making your skin healthy but without residue. I can promise, it is a real trip to put a lotion on, wipe it off and your hands are dry and super slick. Really cool and great for those who are in dry climates or just dry skinned.

For you swamp hand players, this is your one chance to stop spreading the swamp. clean your guitar, clean your hands and apply Guitar Hands® lotion. Wipe off excess and you can now pick up the guitar, (yours or a friends) and not leave behind a slimy sticky swamp mess. NICE.

Guitar Hands® Hand Care is three hand care products in one, and is specially designed for the hand care needs of guitar and bass players: A. It cleanses.  B. It moisturizes / conditions. C. It decreases friction

Check it out

Until Next time.

Victor Mason

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