NAMM Show winners in my book

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If you’re looking for an excellent Microphone for a low price, CAD is offering an excellent Super Cardiod Capacitor microphone that is superbly flat in response and can handle extremely high SPL for guitar players.

It also makes a great Vocal mic, Drum Mic and for any all around application, one of the best GP mics I’ve seen with both a Ribbon character and Large diaphragm character but better. Check out the CAD E100s, listing at $599

Are you a Recording wana be but don’t know enough about recording and need brushing up on your software DAW program? Do you need ground up starting from basic help? There are several EXCELLENT companies offering easy to understand software video tutorials. First one of my favorites, These guys wrote the book on superb video training to learn any DAW software that is worth learning.
Next, ASK video is putting out some excellent product with an emphasis on focusing in at process and detail for the features on Logic, Protools, Cubase and Reason. They are good with all the software and offer a Melodyne tutorial that is fantastic.

If you’re looking for a superb read on the Recording industry, look no further. SOUND ON SOUND, or SOS is the best print magazine on recording I’ve ever read. They have an excellent on line interface and help forum and they really know the business. This is an excellent sorce for bolstering your knowledge in digital recording and all the trimmings.

Mojave Sidewinder HG with Cab.

High end guitar tone is here for the masses without the bulk of a big multi channel amp. Mojave Ampworks is offering the Sidewinder HG and with the hot market of recording this amp is ideal for anyone looking to build their arsenal. The Sidewinder has 30 watts of power but is fully adjustable to as low as 1 watt. The 6EJ7 pentode preamps are an excellent way to harness the superbly rich harmonic content and for digital recording, more harmonics yield better results!

More good tips on gear and software to follow.

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