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30 September 2014

Canada Has a Mojave Dealer!

Canada has a Mojave dealer,  Wildriff Guitars. Stop by and check out a Mojave Amp.

17 February 2014

How to use the Mojave Line out feature.

Each Mojave amp built incorporates a “Line Level Output” on the back of the amp. Unlike traditional line outs which are derived from the preamp, the Mojave line out is derived from the final output stage, the speaker jack. How does this differ you may ask? In one word, greatly.

9 October 2013

Coyote HG Rock Tone using Gibson Les Paul

New Coyote HG amp demo using a stock Gibson Les Paul Standard directly into the amps high sensitivity jack. Cabinet is a Mojave 4X12 loaded with Celestion G1230H. Gibson Les Paul Standard & Coyote HG with 4X12

7 June 2013

New Coyote HG Sound Demo Rocking the Zeppelin Tone

  Just recorded this new Rocking Zeppelin Tone with the Mojave Coyote HG.  

22 April 2013

New Coyote HG Sound Demo exploring the ULTIMATE Chime Tone!

New Coyote HG Sound Demo exploring the ULTIMATE Chime tone! Exploring the ultimate guitar tones for the professional Hit maker studio guitarist. I sat down and took a simple piece of music, then tried to open up some ways to explore clean tones using the Fender Strat, and I wound up also using my Baritone guitar that is P90 equipped. It’s … Continue reading

13 March 2012

Guitar World Magazine’s Interview with Texas bluesman Lance Lopez

Sometimes it’s best to fight fire with fire, so why not cure those Monday blues with the fiery guitar work of Texas bluesman Lance Lopez? Stream his new Album “Handmade Music” and listen as he rocks the Mojave Scorpion and Plexi 45. and don’t forget to check out his interview with Guitar World Magazine

4 January 2012

Cabinet sound test, Whats the difference between a 1, 2 & 4X12 cabinet

If you have pondered the idea of buying a smaller cab vs a larger cab, or just wondered what the big difference is, there are several to be honest but one thing you can trust and identify with immediately without any opinions are your own ears. So to help you or anyone that ever wondered, I have set up a … Continue reading

23 December 2011

Affordable Sophistication, buy better live better

Happy Holidays from us to you folks. One of the things I have advocated this season was to try and NOT spend your hard earned finances at big box retailers. If you’re going to buy, then try and buy better from a local store, a quality outlet that cares. Lower prices many times means lower quality and lower wages. Everyday … Continue reading

15 November 2011

Big News from Mojave!!!

We pride ourselves in bringing you the highest in quality, service and the best built amps in the industry that bring you our unique Mojave tone. We like being the best and now, we’re offing the best amps at the best prices. Here is what we mean: Coyote: Now $1695 Coyote HG: $1795 Sidewinder: Now $2195 Scorpion: Now $1995 Plexi … Continue reading

15 November 2011

Vivian Campbell speaks out about Mojave

In September 2011, Premier Guitar did an interview with Def Leppard where both Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell were asked a lot of question about the work they were doing and the gear they were using, Although Vivian does not use Mojave amps in Def Leppard, he was eager to detail his Mojave rig and his first choice and true  … Continue reading

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